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At Academy 4, Aviation Academy, the training partner for Pipistrel and the developer of the Pipistrel Academy with the Pipistrel Academy LAB training programme, we are offering several options for foreign pilots and students.

All training in Slovenia takes place between May and November due to weather factors. Slovenia is one of the best places for light aircraft flying, since it provides three different sceneries (Alpine, Coastal and Central) all within one hour of flight.

The basic locations are given on the map below:


We recommend two locations out of which first is economical (between 48 – 50 € per night) and within walking distance of the airfield and second is optimum (between 95 – 121 € per night), but require the use of the rent-a-car. All of these locations and recommended direction how to get to the airfield are given on the above map.

Aeronavt's ALPHA Trainer is landing at Zagorje airstrip.

Aeronavt’s ALPHA Trainer is landing at Zagorje airstrip at the end of a training sortie.

Elementary training package

Each student pilot contemplating training in Slovenia must first undergo an elementary training package. This includes:

  • type e-learning on
  • 10 flight hours
  • three lectures
  • one simulator (X-ALPHA) session

This can be covered in ten days of stay in Slovenia (Zagorje) out of which at least 8 days must be flyable.

The cost of the elementary training package is 2000 EUR for the training content. Additional costs include own transport to location and lodging.

The number of elementary training packages each year is extremely limited and is available only by prepayment.

Aeronavt is developing the operational use of the Pipistrel X-ALPHA VR simulator.

Aeronavt is developing the operational use of the Pipistrel X-ALPHA VR simulator and you will experience this great experience with lessons in crosswind landings, engine failures and other specially tailored exercises.

Type training

This is for a licensed pilot that would like to use the world best instructors to convert to Pipistrel aircraft. At anytime we provide training on ALPHA Trainer and Virus SW 121. For more types, special arrangements should be made.

The price for Virus SW 121 is 178 EUR/hr and for the ALPHA Trainer 150 EUR/hr. This price includes everything including the aircraft, fuel, instructor etc. The only item not included are the landing fees on en-route airfields.

The prerequisite for training is the purchase and completion of the type course.

This is one of the best type training courses and your confidence will increase in short field operations, stalling, spinning, recoveries from unusual attitudes, engine failures and other emergency situations.

Licensed pilots

Licensed and type rated pilots are invited to rent our aircraft with a safety pilot or instructor and go and explore the beauties of flying a light aircraft over the lush green Slovenia. The prices are the same: Virus SW 121 is at 178 EUR/hr and ALPHA Trainer at 150 EUR/hr.

All flying is logged from engine start to engine shutdown.

Payment is made through bank transfer.

For more information call or e-mail us at: